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It’s Not a Dream, this Time!

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Imaginecleaned streets, swept sidewalks, trash out-of-sight from Rita to Laura

Imagine…roads, curbs, light poles freshly-painted for the first time in 6 years…

Imagine…cleared yards, mowed grass, trimmed foliage…

Imagine…mended exteriors, buildings tidied, landscaped grounds, nice decorations

Imagine…RMI gov workers released to help clean-up for a day…

Imagine…all of Majuro working together to make the town fit for a special Presidential Visit..

It happened this past week. Kudos to the government and people of the Marshalls!

Imagine that.

Our citizens dream of a capital like this; now, we know it is a possibility. Couldn’t we do the same — for our own pride, own island, and people?

Imagine that!

Written by Aenet Rowa

May 2nd, 2005 at 5:58 am

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